Ametisa – development enthusiasts.

A team of developers with passion for coding and for life!

We are a full-stack development team and we’re striving to create meaningful things with you!

If you’re having an idea – we’ll be more than glad to bring it to life and change the world! We have a wide range of services to propose and our capabilities are letting us be on the top of industry. More than a 500 of our clients can prove, we’re creating individual, solid and stable software and systems. Whatever your business would need – we’ll grant it.


It’s not a secret, big enterprises need special approach. We can provide such special solutions.

Web apps are used to engage users to interact with you, which makes it essential.

Digitalization makes the majority of people to switch to mobile devices. We help you do the same.

Making different components of the system working combined and in perfect synergy.

Every customer is unique and our approach is also individual for each request.

Cloud-based technologies are the future. And we’ll gladly help you to overtake this future.

What do we propose?

  • Product Scope

    – Before you get down to business, you should designate the work scope. That’s the most important thing, because it allows to decide what should be done and what services your future software should have. And how it can help your business with its needs.

  • MVP Builder

    – Minimum Viable Product is an option, that saves costs and allows you run your product with a minimum required set of functions and add the other ones afterwards.

  • UX / UI

    – This step takes place in every development process and ensures functionality and appearance of your product and how users will see and use it.

  • Enthusiastic Team

    – We are sure, that to make a good job, you have to be fully involved in the process and to be open for a dialogue. That’s why our team is dedicated to each project we lead and always in touch with you.



As a dedicated team of enthusiasts in development, we believe in every idea our clients bring to us. On of our main reasons to proud is that we work together with you, improving, guiding and nurturing your idea until it becomes diamond alike. Our clients – are our stories of success, since it’s our goal to deliver you to your destination. Please, check out the list of our main benefits below:

  • We're passionate

    – Our goals are far from just making business. We're fond of what we do.

  • We watch your back

    - You are involved in the process and can correct it whenever your needs require.

  • We’re professional

    – Our team consists of professionals proved their skills through hundreds of projects and we rely on each other.

  • We help you scale

    – We have experience working with enterprise companies and familiar with their challenges. So we can help you scale to reach enterprise level.


You can never tell before you estimate all needed features and your urgency. Usually very first step is clarification for the work scope.

Our team members have hourly rates depending on how much they are qualified and on what technologies they are gonna use.

You always are welcome to share your idea in details: what scope do you need, what features would you like to implement, how quick would you like it to run, etc.

If you need to speed up the process, then of course we can discuss and add new members to the development team for your project.

We believe your idea can change the world! Please, leave your request on our Contact us form and our managers will reach out to you right away!

Yes, we can. Ametisa team have met such cases before and emerged victorious. Our qualification is enough to help you with any issue.