Modernize legacy systems for creating powerful, consumer-friendly essential services by enabling special utilities.

Utilities Segments We Serve

Empowering utilities to unlock value in a changing world

Now the importance of public services cannot be overestimated. Ametisa provides innovative, customized technology solutions for utilities in the energy, gas, water, telecommunications, field business, and other infrastructure industries to modernize their service and delivery strategies. Meeting consumer expectations, concern for the environment, and the growth of distributed utility production are forcing utilities to find more efficient ways to deliver their services to consumers. To become more agile, utilities need to pay more attention to data-driven services.

We help utilities deliver safe, reliable and sustainable energy products and services by offering software tailored to their needs. Our applications help improve operational efficiency, increase profits, simplify demand management, manage environmental challenges and improve regulatory compliance. Using analytics, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, we are enabling utilities to reinvent their business.

Challenges Affecting the Utilities Sector

Maintaining an Essential Legacy Service

One problem for utilities is their use of outdated software, hardware and approach to customer service. Our team helps to determine, what needs to be modernized and develops new strategies for business growth and scaling.

Operational Gaps

Utility company managers may also suffer from performance deficiencies. Manual labor without the use of automation reduces work efficiency.

OT Readings and IT Updates

The use of OT and IT in the utility delivery process will significantly reduce waste and increase the speed of operations and the efficiency of overall results.

Customer Expectations

Customer service applications, the ability to utilize self-service, and compatibility to mobile apps are just a few of the new demands that utilities companies are facing from their customers.

How We Help Our Customers

Incorporate AI and Automation for Improved Service and Satisfaction

To improve data handling and reduce costs, we deliver custom solutions, based on the Internet of Things, and built on the principles of automation. And with the help of artificial intelligence technologies, such as chatbots for customer service, we help increase customer satisfaction.

Advanced Solutions

We work closely with utilities enterprises, helping them to manage and schedule their services. Our advanced apps provide them real-time information and help them automatically manage activities. The same is letting us to provide these apps’ support.

IT/OT Integration

We allow AI-enabled monitoring system to enable IT and OT integration by incorporating AI and advanced sensors into networks, fueling smart grids and increasing return on OT investment. This can greatly reduce any loss of oil or energy.

Customer Satisfaction

We utilize custom solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction, using automated services, bots, and personalized feedback to meet the growing demand for specialized consumer engagement.


Utility management refers to the operations, maintenance, coordination, and overseeing of all the utilities such as electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, and wastewater services serving a specific territory.

A utility stock is a stock for a company that is found in the Utilities Sector.

SAP provides a wide range of solutions for utilities including Enterprise Asset Management Solutions (Portfolio and Project Management, Asset Operations and Maintenance, Intelligent Asset Management, Mobile Asset Management, and Environment, Health, and Safety), Metering Solutions (Device Operations and Maintenance, Meter Reading and Energy Data Management, and Utilities Planning and Analytics), Customer Experience Solutions (Marketing as Growth Driver, Customer Service Excellence, Empowering Sales to Sell More, and Omnichannel Commerce), and Bill to Cash Solutions (Billing of Energy, Water, and Services, Revenue Management for Energy, Water, and Services, and Subscription Management).

Ratio Utility Billing System is a method by which users (residents) are billed on a monthly basis depending on their calculated utility consumption.

Examples of public utilities are natural gas companies, electricity companies, telephone companies, water and steam providers, and hydraulic power companies.